Fight Stress with Oranges And Honey

Did you know that stress can influence your ability to memorize, wreck your immune system and cause you to age faster? Did you know that chronic stress can kill your brain cells? Those white hairs that started inching out earlier than you expected them to, well yes; stress is probably the culprit here. I’m sure that knowing this helps your stress levels considerably. You’re welcome.

Now what if I told you that oranges are what you need.

Dealing with stress by eating healthy


  1. B Vitamins help to fight chronic stress and aid the functions of a healthy nervous system. Food such as broccoli, yeast, wheat, and dried fruits, all contains B Vitamins.
  2. Vitamin C can help you clear out cortisol (the main stress hormone that increases blood sugar). You can get your vitamin C fix through fruits such as oranges, kiwi, and guava.
  3. Calcium can be depleted when stressed and yet it is important in the regulation of nerve signals transmission between cells. Daily intake of milk, almonds or soy is a good way to get the calcium you need.
  4. Magnesium can help to relax muscles, maintain heart rate and reduce anxiety. Bananas, Spinach, Brazil nuts and whole grains are excellent source of magnesium.

Now, want a tip to help you fight stress? Try the HoneyOrange juice recipe below. Vitamin C offers cellular protection (great for fighting aging) and helps to boost your immune system. But the largest amount of Vitamin C that we can find in our body is stored in the adrenal gland, thus Vitamin C is essential for producing more cortisone and epinephrine. The more cortisol made in the body, the more vitamin C is used up. The more stress you live in, the more vitamin C your body needs. So don’t forget to replenish it through your diet.


honey and oranges are good for stress

HoneyOrange Juice


2 Oranges

50g of crushed ice

2 tsp honey

2 tsp lemon juice


Peel the oranges, part them and put the parts in a blender. Blend with crushed ice until smooth. Poor the juice into a glass and add honey and lemon juice before serving.


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